About Us.

Welcome to the Adelaide Box Lacrosse Club

On the back of the recent 2011 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships, and recognizing the international growth of the indoor (box) version of lacrosse, together with the additional opportunities the sport offers for International Representation, a few passionate box lacrosse enthusiasts have combined to form the Adelaide Box Lacrosse Club (ABLC). The focus of the ABLC is to make box lacrosse more accessible for ALL South Australian lacrosse players and increase opportunities to experience and develop this sport.

The objectives of the ABLC are:

  • To develop Box Lacrosse in Adelaide, at both senior and junior levels 
  • To manage Box Lacrosse in Adelaide, at both senior and junior levels as an internal competition until additional Box Lacrosse clubs are available/required to accommodate growth in the sport.
  • To develop and manage a representative team/s to compete on behalf of and represent South Australia in Box Lacrosse, in interstate competitions.
  • To develop the local skills of participants and improve the opportunities for participation at the highest level available, including interstate and international levels. 
  • To affiliate with Lacrosse South Australia inc.

2011 to Season 2012…..

It was a hectic 6 months establishing the ABLC, however we enter 2012 with OCBA certification, affiliation with Lacrosse SA, an established committee, marketing and securing sponsors and new team identities for the inaugural ABLC teams.

The proposed teams for the 2012 and 2013 seasons are:

  • Brute Force Spartans 
  • Three:am Shrikes
  • Day and Night Automotive Chiefs 
  • Players Edge Outlaws

The ABLC seeking more memberships for the 2012 season. The membership fee for the inaugural season is $10 AUD.

We are encouraging social memberships for the ABLC, so if you love your lacrosse, however are not a player, please support us with your memberships. Membership numbers go a long way towards additional opportunities, and we need your support !